Yvette Frost

Yvette is a Premium Administration Analyst for Benefits at FedPoint which administers employee
benefits for the federal government. 

Throughout her career she has been introduced to many groups in the area and she tries to volunteer or become involved in local events and opportunities at least once every few months.  Yvette is also a
member of the Corporate Giving Committee at FedPoint and loves s0 much being a part of the group that helps keep employees involved in volunteer opportunities and other activities in the area.

Yvette graduated as part of the 2022 Leadership Seacoast class. She sees every day the impact substance use has on individuals.    Yvette was drawn to SOS as several of her friends have been impacted by the organizations work in a positive way.    When opening our website the first thing she noticed is STRENGTH OVER STIGMA and wants to be part of something that has a goal as important as that.

She is a single cat mom of 4 living in Rochester, New Hampshire.   In her free time, she loves to listen to local bands and all kinds of music; travel to different states to see concerts and shows; travel to other destinations with family and friends. She is also an avid reader and wants to be a writer. She has recently started to blog on behalf of her part time side hustle, Pampered Chef.

Rochester Center hours


Dover 9-5 • Rochester 9-5 • Hampton 9-5