Ashley Rawson (She,Her), CRSW, Criminal Justice Peer Recovery Specialist

Ashley Is a person in long-term recovery and a mother of two wonderful boys. Ashley first came to SOS as a member struggling with substance misuse and was dealing with the procedures in the criminal justice system. Along her journey in recovery, she has graduated from Strafford County Drug Court and is also a graduate of the 90-day Therapeutic Community program in Strafford county D.O.C. As SOS was always there to support her throughout the years, an inspiration grew in Ashley to want to be apart of the organization that once saved her life. Ashley has taken multiple trainings on Peer Recovery Support, received her credentials for her CRSW, and attended other trainings such as Peer Assisted Recovery in a Hospital Setting. While Ashley works a part of the Criminal Justice team, you can find Ashley providing Peer Support to individuals in Cheshire County Drug Court and COOS County Drug Court. 

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