Fay Lewis (She,Her), CRSW, Recovery Support Coordinator

Fay is compassionate, fun and love’s to dance. Her family and friends are important to her.  She loves to go walking for self care. Fay is also a person in long term recovery.  She uses her experience, strength and hope to assist peers on their journey to find peace. She is originally from Massachusetts, but she lived in Dallas, Texas from July 2005 to September 2020. Fay moved to New Hampshire in October 2020. Prior to joining the team at SOS, she worked with Eliot Community Health Services in Lynn, Massachusetts as a Recovery Coach.
She has also been a part of Leadership Training Development Courses for over 14 years where she helps over 3,000 people interested in becoming leaders in their own community, family or work. Fay is currently working towards a degree in business and psychology, in addition to her CRSW credential. She is looking forward to partnering with a team of people who love to make a difference each day! 

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