Criminal Justice Programs and Services


Empowering Individuals Through Peer-Recovery Support Services In The Criminal Justice System

“Peer-Strength” is the criminal justice recovery program of SOS.  This program started and continues to be run within the Department of Corrections, Strafford County probation and parole as well as Strafford County community corrections and drug court. SOS RCO has two staff members who attend weekly drug court and are available for peer-recovery supports for individuals needing services. Part of Peer-Strength is funded through a SAMHSA grant with Greater Seacoast Community Health for medically assisted recovery expansion and we utilized that funding to expand recovery support services for a population identified as high risk that is involved in the criminal justice system. The program connects individuals with medically assisted recovery when identified as well as an expansion of peer recovery support services in Strafford County.

In 2020 Peer-Strength has expanded with a Department of Justice funded grant that SOS subcontracts with Granite United Way.  We provide peer recovery supports to individuals in rural sections of Coos, Cheshire and Northern Strafford County who are justice involved through tele-recovery supports. This is one on one supports offered using a web-based platform capable of secure video, phone, chat and messaging and individuals only need a smart phone to connect with supports.  Our staff assists with building recovery plans , navigating connection to meetings, housing, employment, substance use disorder treatment, behavioral health and much more. All staff providing these supports have both lived experience in recovery from addiction as well as lived experience in the criminal justice system.  This provides a deep connection with individuals being supported having experienced their own journey.

Our staff members currently spend one day each week down the hall from the probation and parole offices for check ins. Probation and parole officers refer participants to SOS and we provide crisis navigation and wellness based recovery coaching for them. It has become so popular many participants are self-referring. We also have our coaches working with drug court case managers and they attend drug court proceedings each week.

SOS also runs a weekly group inside of the Strafford County Correctional facility for the purposes of re-entry programming. This group is run inside Therapeutic Communities and is structured as a group peer-recovery support service as well as a peer-based mutual support group for those attending.  If you are involved in the criminal justice system and would like to be connected to any of our services or find out more please contact us at info@sosrco.org